Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Mind is Willing

So, I took a custom order.

I know, I know... I am trying not to do that. It is just SO hard to turn down those poor, naked, or immodest Barbies!

This last customer requested that I re-make a lot of things I had already made, as you can see below.

I really do need to take a break from custom orders, though, as much as I want to take them.
I am one of those lucky people who suffer from severe morning sickness when I am pregnant, and this time has been no exception. Since I never know when I will be hit with one of those "bad" days, I need to sew on my own schedule, and not be tied down to a deadline.

My goal is to use what good days I have to finish up one more custom order that has already been placed, and make stuff to (finally) post on Etsy.

Further down the road, I will continue the process of researching textile manufacturers and packaging companies, applying for my LLC, and regulating my patterns so they can be digitized.

One day my dream of having accessible, affordable, modest clothing for all the world's fashion dolls will be realized. I just might have to have this baby (and kiss it lots) first.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Well folks... I finally quit my day job.

I receive inquiries for Barbie clothes on a daily basis.

I have some of the sweetest comments on my blog, and some of the kindest e-mails in my inbox.
Modest Barbie Style can no longer be denied.

So the question now is...

How exactly am I going to do this?

While most of you are thinking of how you are going to survive the last 2 days before school starts again, I am thinking of Christmas. If Modest Barbie Style is bestowing me with so much success now, then I have a great opportunity to clothe armies of this Nation's naked Barbies this Christmas.

Alas, I am but one person. One lone seamstress with one sewing machine. Even at my most productive, I can only make so many items a day. It is at times like these whan I wish I had a little factory with automated Barbie clothing-making machines. WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE!!

OH! To sleep, perchance to dream! In my dreams, my clothes would be in cute little packages on the shelves at Toys R Us or Target, and online at an "official" website, and everyone in the world would benefit from modestly-clad Barbies.

For now, I am desparately trying to get even a few days ahead of myself, with possibly even some inventory. I have never had inventory because everything sells before I can finish making it...which I am NOT complaining about!

But wouldn't it be nice to have sets and packs and outfits ready for Christmas? I think so. I think it would be DREAMY!

SO lets see how it goes. Maybe I can figure out a way to streamline. Maybe I can find myself an assistant... "Oh dear husband!... " Haha! Yeah, just watch him run the other way!

Now, my loyal followers, friends, family, and customers... Any suggestions? I'm all ears.

And don't forget: If you are interested in anything I do, you can e-mail me at modestbarbie@gmail.com.