Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just a Hobby

 There are times in our lives when the living of years is compressed within a few months' time. We discover at these times, not only of how much we are capable, but also of what things we can let go. I re-enter the world of my Modest Barbie blog with that lesson deeply present in the activities of my days. In light of the blessed arrival of my third daughter, I have taken my fashion doll clothing aspirations from the shelf marked "career" and placed them upon the shelf marked "hobby".

As a woman, I have discovered that I have many shelves where I can organize the many things that I am--mother, wife, seamstress, teacher, student, friend, and so much more. For now, Barbie clothing will appear for sale as I find time and capacity to prepare and post them. Motherhood, and all it entails, will take center stage for a while. (Including maybe teaching my girls the basics of sewing!)

 That being said, at least I'm back and sewing!