Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just a Hobby

 There are times in our lives when the living of years is compressed within a few months' time. We discover at these times, not only of how much we are capable, but also of what things we can let go. I re-enter the world of my Modest Barbie blog with that lesson deeply present in the activities of my days. In light of the blessed arrival of my third daughter, I have taken my fashion doll clothing aspirations from the shelf marked "career" and placed them upon the shelf marked "hobby".

As a woman, I have discovered that I have many shelves where I can organize the many things that I am--mother, wife, seamstress, teacher, student, friend, and so much more. For now, Barbie clothing will appear for sale as I find time and capacity to prepare and post them. Motherhood, and all it entails, will take center stage for a while. (Including maybe teaching my girls the basics of sewing!)

 That being said, at least I'm back and sewing!


  1. Your little girls are just precious!! I have 3 myself and they are already half grown up! What a blessing they are!

  2. I am impressed. Your designs keep getting better and better!!! Love the new embellishments.

  3. Your girls... YOUR GIRLS, all of them, and sweet heavenly boy are PERFECT. Totally look like siblings. And my friend, thank you for writing this because I am in the same faze of re organizing my own shelves, I never thought it would be so hard. Avery came along 3 weeks ago, and holy crap, I am so horribly out of practice. He is such a miracle in our lives, but the life change has been pretty hard on me. I find myself missing the days of being able to be selfish and having more freedom. Motherhood has taken on such a new meaning these days, I lost a child, and now I find I have so much more growing to do, and it's not been easy. I think of you more than I bet you'd guess.

    xoxo Misty

  4. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog post regarding potty training. I'm glad you've found something in there that you think will help your little one.

    I just love your Barbie clothes. I've been trying to impress the idea of modest dressing on my girls, and we do not buy skimpy Barbie dresses (and I refuse to have Bratz dolls in my house at all). Thankfully my mum has made the girls some gorgeous ball gowns, although they don't look as professionally finished as your items!

    Your three girls in that photo are just beautiful. You have been truly blessed, not just with your talent for designing and sewing but with you family too.

    Take care .... "Mum-me"

  5. Cute post and I like your photos. You did a good job. You're little girls were all pretty and adorable. A lot of thanks for sharing.

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  6. Nice post and your modest doll clothes are very nice. Your daughters will bless you for sharing your sewing and designing talents with them. Prayers for your healing.

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