Saturday, June 12, 2010

What does Barbie Need?

Here are a few more outfits I have been working on. I am almost done with the current custom orders that I have, and it is about time!

Thanks to all of you loyal and supportive fans, I have been able to keep consistently busy with custom orders for 4 months now!!

Here are a few more outfits I have been working on.

Unfortunately, I am unable to continue to meet demand. For the next 4 months, I will be taking a break from custom orders, and working on expanding my inventory for Etsy .

(I haven't posted anything there in a while.) This will allow me some much needed flexibility in my schedule, and the opportunity to branch out and improve my skills.

As I make this transition, I would love to hear some suggestions and advice of outfits and/or items that you think might be fun to see for Barbie. What do you think she needs?


  1. You are amazing at what you do!!! You've come up with a lot of things Barbie needs on your own. I loved the swimsuits I saw. Maybe a ballerina outfit with sleeves? Some cute purses for barbie would be fun. I'll keep thinking. I'm blown away by your creativity.

  2. Those are great clothes. I will be watching you Etsy shop for new additions.

  3. Barbie needs a modest wedding gown please. Love your clothes.