Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Few Recent Items

Here are a few of my recently completed items here at Modest Barbie Style.
To my surprise and delight, it is the most modest items that have been selling the best. That is an encouraging sign for our young girls. Take a look:

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. LOVE the blue dress and the pencil skirt! Can I reserve some for 5 years from now when Annalyn likes Barbies?

  2. LOVE IT!!! So beautiful!! Was looking at the toys at Wal-mart yesterday, Barbies attire is atrocious and cheap!! Keep up the awesome work, so beautiful!

  3. Have to comment again. I am in love with the first outfit posted.

  4. Your work is amazing!! My sister, Amy Warby, told me about you and I'm totally going to order soon!! My two girls absolutely love barbies - and it's so hard to find cute, modest clothes! I had given up - but your products are amazing!!

  5. I love all your Barbie clothes and am dying that there aren't any swimsuits available! Ahhh!! I've been watching for a few days and finally had time to order some gifts for my dd who turns 7 on 8-10. Any chance you'll be whipping some of those pink beauties out before then? I'm slowly learning to sew and hope to one day be able to do this just for my girls. You are so talented, thank you for helping us! I can't believe what is sold these days--such terrible role models for our sweet girls (and boys). It is so great to see ladies such as yourself making clothing to proud of.

    God bless,