Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Latest Creations

I don't exactly know where the energy came from, but I recently had this crazy desire to make my girlies matching skirts. In my Barbie clothes, I work 100% from my own designs, but I had never done anything full-size without a pattern until now. Let me tell ya--it has its own challenges. Despite those, it worked out fairly well, with only minor issues.

After that minor detour, I came back to barbie swimwear, and got these 6 swimsuits done this week--all of which are already sold. (YAY!) I am satisfied with their appearance, having higher necklines and easier closures than my previous suits.

Next week, I am hoping to finally get some dresses posted in my Etsy shop, and maybe even have some time to make something baby-related for some new mothers in my circle of friends. Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know you were here.


  1. I was here :) Wow you are one talented Momma! I love your stuff, how do you come up with the designs? IF there is one superhero power I wish I had it is the ability to pick out the right fabric for things. I always seem to bring home something really strange and useless....

  2. Super duper cute!! Love those outfits for your girls.

  3. I love the barbie clothes on here. How can I get some? Arin Rohrbach