Thursday, February 25, 2010

Modest Barbie Bloopers

Being a "Barbie girl in a Barbie world" is not always everything it's cut out to be. For example, I create ALL of my patterns myself. So, each new pattern is a prototype. On average, only one out of every four patterns turns out perfect the first time I sew it. Two out of four are close enough that I can alter them while sewing, and one out of four is just a disaster.

The number ONE mistake I make is making the pattern too small--primarily with the bodice:

Not so modest, right?


Lopsided ruffles...

These pants just struggle......

Now this is the worst: This darling yellow skirt worked out great... until I put it in the machine to re-inforce the last seam. Before I knew it, the machine had sucked in and chewed up the edge of the fabric.


Avalon, do you want another outfit for your Barbies?

Or three?


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