Monday, March 8, 2010

Recent Creations

I have decided that multi-item sets are the very best way to run this Barbie clothing business. It is not only a good value for the buyer, but also for the maker, me! The buyer gets enough product to justify shipping, and enough outfits to establish a modest wardrobe for their Barbies. I get the satisfaction of sewing more pieces, and creating matching and/or co-ordinating outfits. WOOT!

Here is my most recent set. It is called

The Spring Starter Pack

It includes the basics of a Barbie's Spring wardrobe.
Including: 1 Jeans, 1 shorts, 2 shirts, 2 dresses, 1 nightgown, and 1 jacket.

This set is part of a larger group of sets that sell for $28.00 each.

Including the Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall sets. All sets include the same number of items as the set you see above, but they may be custom-ordered to meet the needs of the individual buyer, and can be shipped for only $3!

Smaller sets are also available. Including:

"3 Dresses" set for $17
"Mix & Match" 2 outfit set for $12

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