Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Denim Day

Yesterday, at the Modest Barbie "factory", we had a "Denim Day". I currently have two big orders, totaling 15 outfits, with a self-imposed deadline of March 31. Yesterday, I did all the denim componenets. So, for the two ladies who will receive these items, what do you think? For the rest of you... Doesn't this look fun? Well, it is! Sewwing is a productive and useful skill. And yet, I still feel like I am just playing a really fun game when I should be "working". Hahaha!

I LOVE loving what I do!


  1. Absolutely love it!!! You have done an awesome job. The sewing looks very professional.

  2. It's true! Practice makes perfect! I'm proud of you, Amy!

  3. Those jeans are too cute!! Awesome Amy! Thanks so much for starting this business...I'm excited for the girls to see them!!!