Friday, March 26, 2010

Perfecting the Panty

In sewing, there is no such thing as "getting it right the first time" although I sure wish there was. Today my goal was to perfect the panty. So, I sat down with a strip of white swimsut fabric, and got to work. I chose lycra, #1, because it doesn't fray, and #2, it has a strong rebound (obviously), and puts up with a lot of stretching and pulling. Therefore, I know I could achieve a really good fit and still be able to pull them on those sticky plastic legs without wanting to swear.

This first picture is what I consider to be the best of today's attempts, though it still has a way to go.

The first pair I made was sewn with a straight seam. It looked darling, but once I pulled it on, all of the stitching snapped apart, which I should have forseen, seeing as the tight stitches had anchored the fabric, eliminating the stretch component.

So, I went to my sewing machine guide, hoping for an answer. To my relief, I found a stitich called the "lycra" stitch (duh). You can see a rough example to the left. Because it is not a straight line, it allows the fabric to stretch and, a REALLY GREAT side-effect happens to be a cute little ruffle effect!


So, after that wonderful discovery, I decided it was time to perfect my pattern. The current pattern I had created had a slight flaw:

Undesirable BOOTY exposure.

So, after a few more tries, I finally perfected the panty!

As for all those cute but not quite perfect panties that I have laying around my house now...

You are welcome to a FREE pair with every outfit you order, now, until I run out, of course.

Then, the "GOOD" ones are only $1 a piece!!

So, how do you like 'em? Cute? Silly? Leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Perfect.... Now, how 'bout a bra??

  2. I love this idea! No more hoochie barbies! thanks for visiting my blog! Who is your sister in law? keep up the creative work!

  3. How about "boy short" undies? Or even bloomers or pantaloons? Love these, if I had a girl, I would absolutly be investing. Do they come with ruffles or in differnt colors?

  4. there are two sites and 90% of proceeds goes to charity. and keep only 10% it is and