Friday, April 9, 2010

Surplus Sale

I have decided to run my first surplus sale.

This means that you can choose any three outfits you see in this post for a total of $15.

If you want 4 outfits, your total is only $18,

and if you want 5, you pay only $21.

That is a savings of up to $9!

Leave a comment if you are interested, or email me at to place an order.

These deals are not currently available on my Etsy site, but if you want to use paypal, let me know what you want, and I can list them on Etsy just for you.

Not into Barbies? Do you know someone who is? Please forward my link, or at least let me know you stopped by. It's always nice to know you've been here.


UPDATE: Many of these items are in the process of being sold. Please contact me to see which ones remain.


  1. Love the sweats and hoodie outfit! Very creative!

  2. I seriously just found your site by googling "modest Barbie clothing" ... So excellent. Thank you!!

  3. do you still have surplus outfits available I can buy?

  4. All these outfits are sold. I can take custom orders or you can check out Thanks.