Monday, December 6, 2010

Look, Mom!

 My baby girl LOVES Barbies. She especially loves to show them to me.

"Ma!" she calls, "Ma, look a me!"
"Ma! Look a belly-belly!"

That's my girl!
As for business, my latest packet was completed today and you can see it below. I am especially proud of the neckline on the blue dress and the little bows on the yellow pajamas.

Recently, I have received some of the most heart-felt comments about from my customers, and I am especially grateful to those of you who have gone the extra mile to give me your feedback on my work. One customer especially, left some comments I would love to share. Jana said:

 "I recently purchased a trio from you and I absolutely love it, they are masterpieces, there is not one flaw in them!  My girls are going to love getting them for Christmas. Thank you for caring about our children and helping them learn the values that they need as they grow up. Your products look and feel very tough and durable, I am sure they will be played with a lot."

Thanks to Jana, and SO MANY others, I have gotten just what I want for Christmas. You all really are the best! Because of that, I am still broken-hearted at not being able to take any more orders for Christmas.  This week we begin 3 consecutive week-ends of moving to Vegas, then Christmas, then my sister's wedding over New Year's. After that, I may be able to shell out a few months of stuff before baby girl #3 makes her appearance in March. After that, I just don't know.

Best of everything to all of you as you prepare for the Holidays. Merry Christmas!


  1. I am need of some modest clothes for my daughters first Barbie. She received her from an older brothers non-member friend for her birthday and the lack of covering is embarrassing. I looked on your etsy shop and there was nothing there. HELP me cover this girl up!!!!

  2. Oh and I love in Vegas, how cool is that.

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