Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Changes For Modest Barbie Style

This last Christmas has been a whirlwind of wonderful success for Modest Barbie Style. Therefore, the New Year calls for some updates and changes.

The most important change is that, for the next six months, I will not be able to take custom orders. This devastates me because I love the work I do, and the creation process. But I am in the last months of my pregnancy, trying to avoid bed rest, and I need the flexibility to sew and create when I have time and feel well enough.

I have every intention of sewing every day and posting on Etsy as often as I can. I have streamlined my patterns and sets. Some of the things you can look forward to seeing on Etsy are:

4 Seasons Set—An outfit for each season of the year.

“Sunday Best” Set—Two extra-modest dresses.

Swimsuit Set—Two swimsuits.
Princess Set—Two princess dresses.

Value Set—3 basic outfits

I know there are endless possibilities for sets and outfits for Barbie, and it is likely I will expand my options and sets, if I can. But, to get me through this crazy time of my life, I have chosen to stick with only these ideas, using 8 of my own patterns, and doing my very best to be realistic with myself and my wonderful customers. Thanks for your loyalty. I hope to see you on Etsy soon!


  1. Been thinking about you everyday, and felt lonesome for you coming across some great pictures I have of the two of us. You take care of YOU! That is most important. I know how hard it is to be pregnant with other little ones, and I understand how stressful a looming bed rest is. Looking forward to seeing your Esty fill up, I hope this will give you the flexibility you need. The girls have loved their clothes from you, and everything has held up beautifully!! Take care, my Dear. My thoughts are will you during this exciting (and stressful and emotional) time. xoxo Misty

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