Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Beginning of a Hobby

I love hobbies. I have so much interest and enjoyment in so many, that it is a challenge to prioritize between them all. Housework and personal appearance inevitably gets ignored. But Oh well! Who needs a clean house or combed hair? Not me! Not when I have my sewing machine!

I have been sewing since I was seven years old, and it was not long after that I got my very first sewing machine. I spent my childhood shut in my room, poring over home-made doll clothing patterns, and lop-sided custom pillows. As time went on, I graduated to baby blankets, and dresses for my two girls.

Then, as I watched my oldest daughter grow from a baby to a child, I debated long and hard about whether I would let her own or play with Barbies. I have always been concerned about the unsuitable and immodest clothing available for them, and I knew that if she ever became interested in owning Barbies, their clothing would have to reflect the standards for modesty that I have for myself and my children.

So, when I decided that I would allow her to have Barbies, I was thrilled with the prospect of immersing myself in the excitement and satisfaction of creating and making doll clothing once again. I have just begun my own Etsy shop, and I have just prepared my first order for my first customer. Of course, all prototypes will become property of my 6-year-old daughter, and one day, her 1-year-old sister.

For now, I am thrilled to be able to provide modest options for all Barbie-lovers, and to encourage a new generation of girls to find beauty in virtue.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my Modest Barbie creations, please visit my site at or leave me a comment. Thanks!


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