Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pricing Ideas


I have been hard at work creating new patterns and trying them out. I created my first suit jacket today out of black paisley cotton. It is okay, but my prototypes are always a little off. Next time, it will be awesome!

I am hoping to get some more matching outfits posted in the next couple of days, too, so click the link to follow my blog, and come back soon!

For those of you curious about pricing, here is a bit of an idea for you:

In general, each item will probably go for about $4-5 each, with higher prices for coats or fancy dresses, and discounts for bulk orders. (Like $3.50 per item if you order 6 or more items.) Some special matching outfits will have special pricing, too.

Remember: My Facebook friends and those referred by one of my facebook friends get free shipping!

Remember: The best way to do this is to CUSTOM ORDER. There is no extra charge, and you will get exactly what you need for your Barbie wardrobe. Here is a very small sampling of some of the fabrics I have available. I have a whole dresser full of more fabric! So think outside the box, and let me know what you need.


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