Monday, January 25, 2010

In My Dreams...

When I dream, I dream that I am an amazing seamstress, and that my Barbie dresses look like these. I have never seen anything sewn so tiny and so beautifully, have you?

What I love the most are the details. The Buttons in just the right size, the fur, the nylons, the gloves... and the ribbon, and the lace...not to mention the fabrics. And what I wouldn't do to have shoes to match the stuff I make!

One day... I will get there.

In the mean time, I continue to want to gear my clothing toward the little girls in our lives. I want my clothes to be practical and sturdy, able to withstand many hours of play. I want them to be appealing to the younger generation of girls, who still like ruffles and polka-dots and princess dresses. I want to make the clothing that will stir their imaginations, and facilitate healthy, imaginative play for my daughters, and as many little girls as I can.


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