Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Do I Do This?

Did I tell you why I want to sew these clothes so badly? I have always believed very strongly that the greatest beauty comes from virtue. Virtue comes from a striving for moral excellence. It creates a clear vision of the beautiful soul within, unfettered with the distractions and dullness of worldly "glamour".

Clothing should be used to ourselves respectfully, giving more attention to our inner beauty and personalities. It should be stylish in a way that is not distracting, but "comely".

For example,

This picture shows Barbie happily clothed in practical, stylish, and appropriate clothing. Her midriff is covered (I think), her shoulders are covered, her pants come to an appropriate length. Not only that, but she is anxiously engaged in good, wholesome work. This is what I want my daughter to see when she thinks of Barbie--an honest and healthy representation of a righteous young woman.

This is my goal at Modest Barbie Style. To make and share modest and wholesome Barbie clothes for all the scores of Barbie lovers across the web. Please help the young girls in your life to seek and make virtue in their own lives.

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