Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet the Girls

A while back, I had mentioned that I needed to expand our ranks here at Modest Barbie Style and bring on another Barbie model. I have brought on two. Now, according to tradition, my 6-year-old daughter, Avalon gets to choose the names of all incoming Barbies. So, we have decided to turn the naming into a contest.
Next week, we will begin a Barbie-naming contest that will run the whole week. The person who suggests the names that Avalon eventually choses for our new Barbie recruits will Win a Free Barbie Outfit! All of the details for the contest will be available here by Monday morning.

In anticipation of my upcoming contest, I would like for all of you to meet "The Girls". Who they are is a combination of My daughter's impressions, and what they have told me about themselves, of course!

Lets start with Laura.

Name: Laura
Sign: Scorpio

Favorite pastime: Putting on make-up, dancing
Favorite color: Light blue

Favorite animal: Parakeet
Favorite food: Pistachio ice cream

Name: Sara
Sign: Pisces

Favorite pastime: church, ballet
Favorite color: Pink

Favorite animal: Panda
Favorite food: Peach pie

Name: Teresa
Sign: Aires

Favorite pastime: swimming, roller-blading
Favorite color: red

Favorite animal: Dolphin
Favorite food: Pina colada slurpee

Name: Danielle
Sign: Libra

Favorite pastime: volunteering, cooking
Favorite color: sage green

Favorite animal: kittens
Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies

Name: Ginger
Sign: Capricorn

Favorite pastime: Reading, designing clothes
Favorite color: Black

Favorite animal: Animals are messy
Favorite food: Fried salmon in mushroom sauce

Name: Skipper
Sign: Aquarius

Favorite pastime: Musical theatre, watching chick flicks
Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite animal: Great dane puppies
Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza

"Now for us!"
These two girls are the ones who are ready to be named.
"It's bad enough that we have to wear her home-made clothes! Give us names!"
Start getting your favorite names ready for next week's contest! Come back Monday for full details, and enter to WIN!!
See you then!


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  2. Hey Amy, I love this contest. Elizabeth took one look at them and said "her name is Angela and this is Steva." So there is my entry. Maybe I should find out the rest of your sisters names! : )