Monday, January 11, 2010

Here Goes

So today I am going to post my very first items on Etsy. I am nervous and excited. My mom helped me take a few pics last night because my camera is broken, and all I have to take pics with is my cell phone. She had the great idea to put backdrops behind them, and I love it!

Also, my daughter, Avalon got involved, and created her own Barbie scene with my mom's old Barbie kitchen. After that, the Barbie named Laura decided to do a little Tai Chi.

Today I finished this blue dress in only an hour. That means that I am increasing in speed on this pattern, and all the other colors I have planned for it will be following very soon.
I love this! I have not felt this excited to waking up in the morning for a very long time. I have decided that developing your talents and working hard to make something beautiful is good for our mental health. So wether anyone buys this stuff or not, I will find joy in it, and my daughter's Barbies will be very well-dressed.


  1. Oh Amy, I am so THRILLED for you. Let's start working on getting this product line OUT!!

  2. Oh my goodness, they turned out so cute! I love, love, love the backgrounds!

  3. Wow, these are AWESOME!! You are so talented :)